Monday, 26 November 2012

Unity 3d 4.3.4 4.3 4.2 4.1 4.0 pro crack full version

Currently serving Unity pro 4.3.4f1 patch with proud. Please give it a try and like our facebook pages :

Video Tutorials :

For unity 3d 4.1.0f4 and lower versions

For unity 3d 4.1.2f1 and above

Unity 4.3 patch/crack is available now, download for free at Skydrive

Steps :

  1. First install unity pro 4.x.x.x.
  2. Run unity and activate free version
  3. After that, run our patch as admin.
  4. An advertisement will appear if you are connected to the internet, so, click on the skip ad button.
  5. Click on the see the help file button.
  6. Click on patch and do what the help file said.(you could be connected to the internet.)


MAC : 

Unity 4.3.4.f1 for mac is released

Download Now at :   Google Drive

Instructions ; 

1. Go to terminal and type in chmod +x "Downloaded Unity File Location here". You should see the icon of the file change.

2. Go to /Applications/Unity/, and right click onto "Show Package Contents"

3. Go to Contents/MacOS and replace the old Unity file with the one you just downloaded.

4. Take your recently downloaded license file, Unity_v4.x.ulf, and replace it with the one in /Library/Application Support/Unity. If you don't have this folder, then make it.

5. Launch Unity, and it should work.

Help is there


Troubleshoot :
  • If the form is not enabled after you skipped the ad then please disconnect from the internet and run our program as admin.
  • If the patch doesn't work and you are having trouble in Unity please use the version of patch which matched your version.

If it is not working contact us now

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  1. Replies
    1. dropbox is not working

    2. whre did you end up, remember one thing us should skip the ad before y could download see the video

    3. it says to enable cookies, but they are enabled. In fact the page is putting cookies on my computer, but not allowing me to even see the add.

    4. Pls connect to our fb page and you could request a direct download link

  2. The drop box link is not found, would you share a new link??

    1. Bro, please skip the ad by clicking the Skip ad button. For more information, see the video

  3. patch file don't run in windows xp 32 bit

  4. there is no file on skydrive.Can you please put it again?

  5. hello, thank you for this but my one doesn't work.... when I open unity is says "could not read license loader html.

    please respond

  6. there is no file in Skydrive...plz update link

    1. can u wait a week, i will upload mac's latest link to 4.1.2f1

      and for windows it is working link, skip those ads

  7. Thanks, worked like a charm.

  8. this better be working...

  9. unhandled exception has occurred in your application.. can you gave me the solution??

  10. it don't work on Mac.
    In fact in zip file we download it I have any files!

  11. do u have unity 4.0.0 crack ??????

  12. i have a problem with the program patch doesnt recognize main drive dynamically what if their main drive is letter F? rather than C like me it will cause error i hope you can fix this

  13. @admin : Go to fb page and ask them, it shud open some open files dialog and safe file dialog.

    @Arsil Qodryantha : No, it had too many bugs

  14. hi please let me know when i skip the linkbucks then and linkbucks again it does not going on the patch page pleae let me know what would i do ?

  15. can you tell me the exact location to save the license file in windows xp?? I am saving the .ulf file in the unity folder which is under Application Data folder. But when I am trying to load the license file it is showing the message " license file was not loaded." Please help me to solve this problem.

  16. Not working for 4.3.1 ... And I have tried it 20 times

  17. You are the best. Worked For me 3.3.3.f1


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